The OIT Department provides two distinct wireless networks available to meet their communications needs. 
If your operating system is Windows 7/Vista, first try the Windows 7 Wireless Automated Configuration(.exe) to automatically configure your device.  You may also refer to the appropriate instructional documents listed below for additional information.
SU-Web - is an open wireless network which requires authentication via a Web Page.  Users must login each time the connect to this network.
SU-WPA - is an encrypted wireless network which allows users to save their user credentials and connect automatically on any Wi-Fi enabled devices.
Each of these networks are available in most locations at the Rome, Gwinnett, North Atlanta, and Riverdale campuses.

SU-WPA Connection Settings

Network Name: SU-WPA
Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x EAP)
Encryption Type: AES
Authentication Method: Protected EAP (PEAP)
Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAP v2
Students: {SCHOLAR ID}
Faculty/Staff: {Shorter Username} 
Password: {SCHOLAR PIN}